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Learn programming concepts to stay updated with the pace of growing technology. We are teaching programming concepts,logic and design using stories and games to make it fun, interesting and easy to learn.

What is Scratch

Scratch is a block based programming language. It is drag and drop development environment that It involves no complex syntax.As a first step in the programming journey this is ideal to clear concepts and learn logic and fundamentals. It allows children to animate their ideas, code their own games and stories. ‚Äč

Course Highlights
Beginner Level


Introduction to development environment its components , blocks and features.Programming blocks and their functions.

Hello World!

Students will write their first code snippet including a proper greeting message to user and will learn about coordinates i.e x-axis y-axis.They will extend the knowledge to animate the sprites on the stage.


We will learn all about the concept of loops and conditional statements. We will animate our sprites using the knowledge of loops and conditions.

Pong Game

We will create our own version of pong game using the knowledge from our previous lessons and will learn about sensors, angles and degree to work it properly.All the resources will be provided

Variables-Scores And Life Pong Game

We will implement scores and life to our previously developed Pong game by learning about variables. How to add and update variables.

Genny-A short story

Students will start their work on the short story and will learn about events and broadcasts. They will create an interactive story using multiple backdrops, events and time commands
They will learn how to move, turn and animate a character. All the resources will be provided.

Story continued..

Students will complete logic, design, organizing of events and time.They will learn code blocks involving sounds, costume and sizes.They will complete the coding part of the story to make it a functional piece.

Maze Game

Students will work on a maze game that has multiple complex levels. They will learn to write generic code and how to write their own functions. Later they will reuse those functions to code new levels.

Paint Brush

Students will learn to use scratch designing tool to create multiple sprite.
They will create their own sprites for the small tool.

Import Pen Block

Students will learn to import new coding blocks and hence the use of pen block to draw,resize, erase and change color for their previously designed paint project.

Towards the end of course children will code their independent project using all the concept they have learned throughout the course. We will provide resources and document to kick start the project or they can just follow their imagination to impress us with their work.

Take your first step to learn coding now.

Note: All resources and materials will be provided. We provide support to students even after the class via short video messages for better understanding of problems.